A simple decentralized peer-to-peer ledger implementation.

Introducing cruzbit

Cruzbit is a simplified, decentralized, peer-to-peer ledger implementation. Cruzbit is very much like Bitcoin, but with most of the confusing, and extraneous implementation details removed.

Built with developers in mind, cruzbit aims to make it easier to develop applications which interact with the blockchain. Application developers shouldn't have to worry about complex transaction generation or signing, and instead with cruzbit can generate transactions with just a few lines of code in most languages.

Network Statistics

Hash Rate: ?, Difficulty: ?

24hr TX Volume: ? CRUZ

Get Started

Join the cruzbit network, and start trading and spending cruz. Choose a wallet, and generate one or more addresses and you're ready to start collecting cruzbit. After, you can buy cruz from an exchange, mine cruzbit on your computer, or trade it for other currencies with fellow users.

Network Peers

The core of the cruzbit network are its interconnected peering clients. The clients disseminate information across the network, propagating transactions, and keeping the blockchain secure. Peers can also serve as proxies for miners or other peers behind a private network, and if desired, a peer can even mine for cruz while it's contributing to the network at the same time.

Mine cruzbit

Mining is how the cruzbit network validates new transactions and builds its blockchain. Mining involves performing many computationally intensive calculations, and so, for their efforts, miners are compensated by receiving cruz as a reward.

The number of mining options available to miners grows as more developers get involved, and release software for use on the cruzbit network. Get started mining, and earn some cruz.

Chat With A Peer

The cruzbit protocol consists entirely of JSON messages, which most programming languages are able to handle natively. JSON is pretty easy for humans to read too! Use the form below to submit a message to a real peer, and see if you can understand the response. All protocol messages are sent in plain text in this way, making interoperability a cinch.

<!-- The peer's response will appear here -->
Technical Information

Knowledge is power. The following documentation is intended for developers who want to build applications which support, or work with the cruzbit network.

Document Description
Cruzbit specifications A quick look at the specs that make cruzbit different from other blockchain ledgers
Cruzbit protocol message definitions An explanation of the structure, and meaning of all of the messages sent or received by the client in the cruzbit protocol

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