Introducing cruzbit.

"You shouldn't have to be an expert in a cryptocurrency in order to work with it as a developer or user. That's the idea of cruzbit. It's designed from the point-of-view of someone who wants to build something using a decentralized ledger but doesn't care about the details."
Bullet Points (literally)

cruzbit is very similar to Bitcoin with the following notable differences:

Why does cruzbit exist?
I noticed most people focusing on making more complex ledgers capable of executing "smart" contracts and/or crypto-magically obscuring transaction details and such. And I think those projects are pretty cool, but I'd always wanted to attempt to do the opposite and implement the simplest decentralized ledger I possibly could given lessons learned from bitcoin. I think that's what cruzbit is. Anything that I thought wasn't strictly necessary in bitcoin, or was otherwise weird, I got rid of. I wanted the design to be conceptually simple and extremely developer-friendly. I finally had some personal time on my hands so I decided, why not. And now cruzbit exists.

The following values are defined in code and play a strong role in how the cruzbit network behaves. The settings are generally the same as Bitcoin.

Key Value Description
CRUZBITS_PER_CRUZ 100000000 A "cruz" is one unit of currency (like a bitcoin, or a dollar); it can further be broken down into this many fractional units, called "cruzbits"
INITIAL_COINBASE_REWARD 50 * CRUZBITS_PER_CRUZ The initial number of cruzbit awarded to the miner that solves a block; this number is adjusted based on BLOCKS_UNTIL_REWARD_HALVING
MAX_MONEY 21000000 * CRUZBITS_PER_CRUZ The maximum amount of cruz (expressed in cruzbit) that will ever be created
RETARGET_INTERVAL 2016 The mining difficulty is recalculated after every interval of this many blocks (equates approximately to 2 weeks)
TARGET_SPACING 600 The target number of seconds between solved blocks; the difficulty will adjust in attempt to hit this target
BLOCKS_UNTIL_REWARD_HALVING 210000 The coinbase reward (INITIAL_BLOCK_REWARD) will halve after each interval of this many solved blocks (equates to approximately 4 years)
INITIAL_MAX_TRANSACTIONS_PER_BLOCK 10000 The initial maximum number of transactions which will be allowed in a single block; this number is adjusted based on BLOCKS_UNTIL_TRANSACTIONS_PER_BLOCK_DOUBLING
BLOCKS_UNTIL_TRANSACTIONS_PER_BLOCK_DOUBLING 105000 The interval, in number of solved blocks, at which the number of blocks allowed per block is doubled
MAX_TRANSACTIONS_PER_BLOCK 1<<31 - 1 The eventual maximum number of transactions allowed in a single block (1,073,741,824 - achieved at block height 1852032)
BLOCKS_UNTIL_NEW_SERIES 1008 The interval, in solved blocks, at which the transaction series number is incremented; equates to approximately 1 week
MAX_MEMO_LENGTH 100 The maximum length of the memo field which can be included with each transaction in bytes (100 characters)
DEFAULT_CRUZBIT_PORT 8831 The default port number used by cruzbit peers
MIN_FEE_CRUZBITS 1000000 The initial minimum fee to include when creating a transaction in cruzbit (0.01 cruz)
MIN_AMOUNT_CRUZBITS 1000000 The initial minimum amount which can be sent in a transaction in cruzbit (0.01 cruz)