Running A Client


Running a peer helps to keep the cruzbit network strong, and secure.

THIS DOCUMENT IS A DRAFT. The information here may be incomplete or incorrect.

Precompiled Binaries

Compiling from source is the most reliable, and secure way to get the latest cruzbit running. However, if you aren't comfortable with the command line, or simply want an easy way to get running quickly, downloading binaries is the way to go. Simply choose which are the best match for your operating system and CPU architecture. The archives include both the client and wallet executables. Where multiple links are listed for the same architecture, they are the same files available as different archive types.

  Architecture Build Date Download
Linux x86-64 2019-09-21 cruzbit1.1.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz
  ARMv7 2019-09-21 cruzbit1.1.0_linux_armv7.tar.gz
Windows x86-64 2019-09-21
  Notes: Includes two .bat scripts which can be used to easily open the wallet or client without using the command line; edit the files with a text editor to customize them; created by Big Shoots
macOS x86-64 2019-09-21