Windows 10 client build with OpenCL support.

THIS DOCUMENT IS A DRAFT. The steps provided below have been used to create a working installation on Windows 10, however they have not been verified to work under all circumstances.

These instructions were provided by The AllFather.


AMD APP SDK 3.0+ // not sure if this is necessary, had it installed though


An install of the Go language from

mingw32/all packages from win-builds:

After installing these, add your CMake bin, Go bin, and Win-builds bin folder to your path environment variable.
For me, these were C:\Program Files\CMake\bin, C:\Go\bin, and C:\Win-builds\bin

Now clone the repository or download the master zip and extract it somewhere, open a command prompt window inside of it and run the following commands:
>cd opencl
>cp ..\client\
>mkdir build
>cd build
>cmake ..

This will compile a libcruzbit_ocl.dll and libcruzbit_ocl.dll.a file in the build folder, once it's done copy it to the client folder like this:
>cp libcruzbit_ocl.dll ..\..\client\
>cp libcruzbit_ocl.dll.a ..\..\client\

Now cd to the compile folder and attempt to build the OpenCL cruzbit client as normal:
>go build -tags opencl

Providing no errors are thrown, you should now have a client folder with the original main.go and files, along with the file you copied from
the opencl folder, and the client.exe, libcruzbit_ocl.dll, and libcruzbit_ocl.dll.a files you just compiled.